Looking for work in New york City in Februay is so beunos. I love it . A real champion time .

Stairing at the stairs pretty much sums up today.

Tooth and FasterMoreEvil

The young chaps known as Balam are in the town. Opening slot shredding . These geezers have new songs , new cds and i think new cassettes oh and a new rental car !!

Vocalist Shimpy giving it what for !! He sells shoes in the daytime. Very nice young lad. Go see him for a killer new pair of leather rock boots. Ziggy Gnardust on drums is basically if Gengis Khan played in a band. Here he takes a bite out of his cymbals wishing it was a leg of roasted yak.

I think the boys used all their free drink tokens during the intro to the first song.

Inbetween invading China and parts of Russia on horseback , Ziggy fits in a few cracking drum solos.

This is the part where my camera stepped in dog shit. Weird things are afoot at the circle K.

Up next - Pilgrim go through the ice !!