Headed North today ..........

Deep into the Sequoia National Forest.

We passed through incredible little towns hidden in forgotten valleys. This old country store was perfectly deaded.

It was like going back in time out here.

It felt like a real slice of America. Old western farming towns comfortably cut off from the rest of the world.

Old bombers littering the sides of the road. Everything feels like it runs on a different clock out here. A way longer minute !!

Way up the valley we found what we were looking for ..............

This place was paradise........ In the merciless noontime sun finding this oasis was the best.

Phillip is a bloodhound for waterfalls. I loved the rock that had "jump pussy" written on it.

The tranquility was shattered when an entire college fraternity from Bakersfield showed up. It was instant mayhem. If you bring 370 beers to a roaring waterfall cliff jumping spot your definately going to witness some idiotic feats of bravery. We sat back and watched the shit tornados blow. It was excellent. Dudes performed retarded acrobatics in front of a panel of local beauty queens all double fisting lite beers that obviously were not working up to full scratch. People slipped , fell , pushed , harrased . It was epic. We left before the grand finale unfolded. I didnt want to see what the ratio of beers to shallow water was going to amount to.

We pushed on upstream and found a camp spot next to the river , miles away from the suicidal Sigma Alpha Beta posse doing front flips onto dry rocks. There was not a soul around up here and literally miles of secret lakes and waterfalls to swim and lounge in. We set up the tent site before sundown took a last shower in the river and slept well under the stars with the occasional sound of bears roaming around.

Sun up showers in the crystal waters in the middle of nowhere.

I think a native american fraternity had been here centuries ago.

Part 2 - Going up country !!