After the Brooklyn Invitational i went over to the East Village Radio headquarters for the saturday night recording of the The Metal Inquisition show with Mortal Wombat and Tooth. Damn thats a mouthful to type and say ...Jesus

Special guest Ted from Beard 59 was also in the studio. High quality manny right here !!

I honestly have no idea how these lads can concentrate in the studio. Its completely bonkers. Imagine Tokyo condensed into a 7 foot square room and thats the radio studio. The entire room is blinking lights and gadgets , projector screens , computers , phone lines , twitters are going , AIMs are coming in like morse code , giant mirrors that make the place seem huge , tons of guests ..... oh and not to forget the studio is street level with the door open for all of the Lower East Side to pop in and add their 2 cents. Its pure magic.

I cant even fathom operating the radio helm wasted . The place is like times square in a closet. Fuck maybe it was just me cos i got new glasses and i still had vertigo from my new lenes...... i dont know .........Shite , Anyways it was brilliant times in the heavy metal hamster box

Guestwise? Off the mapwise !! The world famous Chris Lewis showed up with 2 fit birds and 3 bags of bagels. Its mental what happens when your sober........

Good banter with this laddie. Its hard now cos all Chris's nicknames were a perfect fit when he was a drinker........... I gotta come up with some new booze free names ..

Outside Manitoba's with Natur. Weibs made the bartender play "Big Truck" by Big World and we all went berzerkers like our team just one the world cup.

Ted is ready to get fantastic while the rest of the crew started melting into the pavements and fighting for taxis. No Cabbies wanted to pick us up. Not even the most hardy indian driver wanted a piece of us. The more mangled you get in Manhattan the more choosey the taxis are. It's a real bastard !!

Tune into the Metal Inquisition show saturday nights 8 to 10 eastern time on East Village