Ive never lived in a city with more missing dog posters in my life . Los Angeles is the city of lost peros. Almost every telephone pole has a lost dog ad.

I think coyotes get most of them. There are thousands of coyotes in Hollywood Hills and an estimated 5000 living within the city.

Welcome to the Los Lobos jungle

Seanie Hellfire from the fifth ward. Real champion to see this guy. Seanie would be like a plate of corned beef and cabbage walking past a pack of coyotes in the bush.

Missing surgeon ad

Griffith observatory where they filmed the 1955 classic film Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean

The ceiling of the observatory

Could smell the oil in the afternoon heat from this old hog. Its a great smell !!

Skids and burnouts and sparks

ChewBlacka splits the days takings with his superhomies

Partying over at the Rodriguez household. Best food i tasted in years. Its a constant fiesta with Little Richard around.

Ladies and Gentleman ....... please welcome to the stage - El Carne Asadas - With the number one hit single "Its been a hard days noche" -

Sergio Lennon , Luis McCartney , Ringo Rodriguez and Ricardo Harrison

These guys only play in the San Fernando Valley on sundays after lunch !!