Sunny side up everyday...........

Where are these palm trees trying to go? Buggers are straight reaching for the sun.

Heading into town

Jungle commute

Pastey shite

The chief

Rox brushing Barbeque's gnashers. This had me in stitches for a while.

Manute seconds after i told him i saw an old homeless black lady breastfeeding a stuffed tiger on the sidewalk. Thank your lucky stars i didnt get a photo of that scene. Im scarred for life. Manute's expression stayed like this for a few minutes while Big Ben from London counts boobs and tigers on his fingers.

Went by old pal Patrick O'dells newest photo show on Fairfax

Photos brought back all the TFL memories .

" Just eat it "

This budweiser billboard blew my mind . Vincente Fernandez is the man. All his albums are aces. Best billboard in years.

Dicktits now lives in Los Angeles.

Dont be fooled by Manutes fruits. Every orange i picked was like powdered space food but mysteriously if you step on one accidentally in the yard its like stepping on a bright orange dog turd. I fell for this a bunch.

BBQ watches as i scrape orange and lime diarrhea from my shoes

Later that night Ben Rayner played a blistering bedroom concert which only he could hear.

Ike and Tino. Mae in a Demassek tee. "Blackouts for all my freinds"

It was pure Smokey Robinsons at the gig............

Rap shows are great. They are a constant what the bloody hell is going on right now!!

Today was a good mixtape of a day..........Namsayin !!