The Dwarves are "Born Again"

WB Beer missile

Blood guts and Pussy

Somehow The Dwarves are playing at the Blues Cafe in downtown Newport.

These guys have the most epic names - Julius Seizure , Pete Vietnamcheque , Fresh Prince of Darkness , Chip Fracture , Gregory Pecker (aka Gnarlie Watts) and HeWhoCannotBeNamed

Theres zero shite with these lads. They come on stage and literally explode right into the first song. No intros or smoke n mirrors just total blitzkreig on the crowd

Hall of bros

Instant levels of incredibleness. The Newport crowd were just as fantastic as the band .

Simple , loud , fast and controversial .............

Tensions mount with the club security.

Murder for hire checks his left as a quarter of the crowd gets kicked out ...........

Club Paranoia hit all time highs during the show. The display of force from the extra muscle hired to control the crowd backfired !!

Part 2 coming up .............