Years come and go ....... Every so often a year goes by smoother than the rest. Other times a year will just feel like the H bomb of years.

Last year my good friend Mandreas had one such a year. This laddie went through some incredibly horrific motorcycle events and also heartbreaking family tragedy....... but hes a tough egg .

A year has passed and today we rode bicycles....... and it ruled !!

So good to see my pal rolling through the streets again . Proud of this manny !!

Downtown LA

Talking walls

Street art here is everywhere . I never actually see anyone painting it though. Its a mystery. Its like all the street ATMs. I've never ever seen anyone filling them with new money. I gotta open my eyeballs up more !!


Salman Agah has a pizza place . Go here and eat fantastic slices . Pizza Nista rules. Skate or Pie !!!!!!!

The wastelands of downtown

Powered by cheese and dough we pressed onwards. Check out Andrea's new show on Nickelodeon - Sanjay and Craig . Rad antics .

We stumbled upon a massive road bicycle race going through the financial part of downtown LA

Caution - Men in spandex at work

I can hear this old geezer yelling - " Theres too many guys in bloody spandex on this shitey website.... wheres awrah birds and the boobs???? "