On a mission to explore downtown Los Angeles

I call this THE GRAMPER

Graveyard house

Its a White Christmas

Saw a car chase being filmed into this long tunnel...... it was pretty crazy to witness

Downtown LA has some damn cool buildings

Movies being filmed everywhere down here

This block has zero graffiti , zero trash , zero outdoormen and absolutely zero character . Thats beacause its the LAPD headquarters. If this building was a sphere it would pretty much be the death star.... Most menacing police building i've ever seen

Bums everywhere down here

This lady was incredible ........Yelling at the top of her tiny frail lungs while her cart of creepy babies scared everyone in its path

More car chase scenes

Cool back alleys everywhere

I watched this crew filming a getaway scene down some really tight alleyway

This manolo getting his baffies buffed and polished up

This car is bigger than my entire apartment ....and those of you who know me well ...i aint lying !!

TJ Mexx - the patron saint of shopping .........

Heading to Skid Row ...........story coming soon