The day after christmas.......... Boxing day

Rocket had the bright idea of jumping Doris Dukes in 37 degree freezing winds. I think he got the jump notion around the 8th cocktail at the WB christmas party the night before. Here he is counting drinks on the incredibly freezing cliffs in front of the Dukes mansion

Since winning the "Golden Shovel" , Chauncey hasnt wanted to leave his house .

Court lends a hand. It was hilarious watching Rocket try to get his bear mitts through the wetsuit sleeves.

Took Rocket a good while to get into his costume. Chauncey didnt speak too much during this process. I think he was still in bed asleep , and dreaming about jumping off cliffs in sub zero conditions was just a nightmare brought on by jack and cokes. He was very quiet .

Its amazing how Rockets enthusiasm for even the most ludicrous mission can persuade the unwilling .

"K man , just dont hit all those rocks over there. It'll be fine .......I'll buy you a drink after !! "

I think all Rockets hooting and hollering brought Chauncey out of his sleep. He did not look too chuffed to be perched on the edge of a huge cliff on december 26th at 11am

Snot Rockets

First man landed on the moon safely. It looked cold as hell.

I never witnessed sleepjumping before. Its pretty laughs

Court shows her fingers havnt got frost bite yet.

After the jump i watched 2 bloody marys pour out of Chaunceys eyes.

Spiffing show ol chaps.