The Doris Duke Waterbrother party brought together a fantastic collection of peoples from all walks of life.

Chris Mess from Big World with his Overlin that was shaped for him in the 70s

Paulie Pedro from Harpoon surfboards. This board is called the Gin n Milk model

From the barrios of LA .......El Pantera Negra

Slash and Karen

Phenominal guest star all the way from Texas - Skeletor. I was beyond hyped he came . This guy is a kareoki legend and i also saw him drink hundreds of goldfish from a fairground bag . 20 minutes later he puked them up and there were tons of goldfish flopping around on the sidewalk , still alive. Skel rules . It was killer seeing him again.

These wee pirate duders were awsome .

Joe Carey

The Randalls

B-Rad aka The Milkman

More peoples coming up ............