I got kidnapped early monday morning and dropped off in the desert........

Spur of the moment photo trip to Joshua Tree.

Few hours from LA is this mindblowing place

We arrived just as the sun was quickly disapearing over the hills

The desert is the quietest place. You could hear a pin drop here.

I daydreamed of Apache war partys attacking wagon trains while i wandered around the wilderness

Using my new rattlesnake prevention techniques i recently learned , i cruised through the valley with no problemos

Sunlight went quickly and so did the temperatures. It got real cold , real quicks.

Shutterbug lens mannys - Manute Bol and Jay Hanna on location

Big skies out here. As it got darker the desert started to come alive. I could hear all kinds of critters and wee creedlers scurrying through the cacti and rocks.

Last of the suns. I'm pure freezing my swingers off at this point in shorts. So chilly

Easy Rider times

Aliens love the desert too

Close Encounters

Checked into our Norman Bates style motel .............

Which was conveniently next door to the Saloon. This place must see some "good ol boys" type action . Chicken wire covering all the windows.

At the saloon they fed us a burger named "the mineshaft burger". It's a huge burger and totally destroys all fresh air in motel rooms after consumption...........

Part 2 of "theres sand in my dessert sir" coming soon........