Acka Dacka time...........Caught Dirty Deeds in full tiltmode at the Blues Cafe

Bob Conti as Brian Johnson - shredding

Mike Jolly as Malcolm Young - Hairwise


Roger Bombardier as Phil Rudd - Surefire party hit

Out on the tiles with Joy and Judy from Karma. Shot in black n white cos im so sunburnt....Scottish tanfastics

Back in Black

Randy Mingo as Angus Young - Killing it


Shoot to Thrill

This is the part of the show where the stage gets invaded by everysingle bird in the room. The lads get literally attacked by the drunkest , most mangled broads. Its awsome ...all kinds of dodgy bints running around trying to grind the hell out of the band ......


Dirty Deeds are the bee's knee's !!