Went on a mission to see how much poison ivy the body can really withstand..........

Pouring rain forest rambling

Fern Gully


On the set of King Kong

Sleepy Hollow

Perfect wee spot for any counter offensive and ambush type stuff. Harry's gonna have flashbacks of Nam looking at these photos.

Higgy Marley and Court take five .


Both these photos gave me headaches. The Hansel and Gretel shingles made my eyes go all haywire

I have no idea what these are called but they look like half eaten corn on the cobs on sticks

In the ratings recently i was told , Square Go's is losing its edge ........

Heres a few Filipino jokes to get my street credit back to razor sharps -

What's the difference between select and choose ??
Select is when you pick out something...choose is what Filipinos wear on their feet !!!

What do you call a Filipino walking a dog?
A vegetarian.

Im probably going to catch a loose machete to the neck for this post ..........

Horse power

Im gonna need a car like this to escape the mob of angry filipinos chasing me for my bad jokes..................