Gone skating .............

Today was the day the sky above unleashed all its fury and lightening struck the land called Venice beach and people died !!

Today was also the day i watched Sage single handedly destroy the bandstand at the courthouse.

Supreme Team

AA , Beach Logan , Swan Pabs and Aiden are 4 Pup Night . One show only ~ performing tonight !!

They say lightening never strikes twice. It hit so many times today!! Sage with ollie up / tailslide on the roughest wall we could find in Santa Monica

As i write this post i just found out that Jay Adams passed away. Im floored .

I remember meeting Jay Right when he was released from prison. I forget the year . Maybe 2001. I was on a roadtrip with The Package that spanned both coasts and we were in Long Beach California in a dark Motel 6 room in an forgettable neighborhood when Jay came by to hang. He was chaparoned by Steve Ellis from Cholos in Hawaii. The hotel room was small and had the standard 2 beds seperated by the wee bible cabinet . The four of us sat opposite each other , so close our knees almost touching . Like a crammed carriage on a packed train. Package and Jay go way back and i remember being so blown away at the pow wow these two legends were about to have. I think i had an out of body experience in that shitey hotel room sitting opposite Jay Adams ~ Original Z Boy and Dogtown's last true King.

Rip to one of the purest outlaws of surfing and skating ~ Jay Adams 1961 - 2014

Sage grinds for Jay and Colonal Sanders.

While Chodie Foster got mooshed into the shrubery by his father Andrew Allen

Beach logan with the angles and the new muskateer boots for the fall line ..........


Dont ever stop doing what you love .....................