Paying no heed to all the warnings especially the one that read "horny black men inside" , we piled up some scraps of wood and climbed inside one of the windows.

Once inside we crept through the rooms in complete silence.

Up looked way more appealing than down on this staircase.

It wasnt what i expected inside. All the floors had been gutted and stripped of almost anything of value.

Kind intrepid explorers before us left helpful signs , directions , huge titties and dicks

The main section of the church was impressive. Massive vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows all poorly boarded up. A balcony for the choir and the organist lay in a shambles. At one end of the church you could see where the alter once stood. Every piece of ornate wood had been removed from the building. This room was lit up by pin hole rays of light coming through the plywood over the windows.

We pressed on upwards. All i could think about was possibility of running into a bloody mountain lion living in one of the rooms. I found myself thinking as i tip toed around - "if i was a mountain lion i'd live here totally". I wonder if Tooth was thinking the same thing. We barely spoke the whole time we were inside the convent.

From the top floor the view was incredible. Hundreds of acres of woods in all directions.

We found another staircase that went further down. The tarps blowing in the wind were really uncool. I did not like the noise one bit.

It felt like we were exploring a hospital in Chernobyl

This is where everything got a little intense and hectic. We found stairs leading into the basement. Armed with only 2 crappy sticks and Tooth's i-phone flashlight we slowly entered the pure blackness of the sub-chambers. There was considerably much more rubble and debris on the stairs here. It was a little tricky in the dark. We reached a corridor and the first doorway we pointed the light in made us almost drop dussledorfs in our pants. We saw mouldy destroyed tiled shower rooms and toilets. Within seconds all of hollywoods best and worst horror movies flashed through our brains and we hightailed it out of the darkness and into the safety of the deserted nunnery. When the abandoned convent wasn't safe enough we sprinted across the grasses and back into the forest.

On the long walk back to the car we joked about startling the gay mountain lion while he's taking a shite in his murder basement of the church. He's definately living down there. I'm sure of it .