Getting my "Stand by me" on today ..........

" Hey Higgins !! Wanna go see a dead body ? "

Train graveyards on Burma Road.

Later on that day i returned to the area to explore the old abandoned convent thats been forgotten for years

It was around this time that Tooth reminded me about the mountain lion thats been spotted lurking in the area for the past decade. We both circled the ominous building in silence as the sun started to dip behind the tree line.

The place looks like something out of Eastern Europe. Like an old school in the Ukraine. Real desolate and isolated.

The forest has engulfed most of the church section

We looped the entire compound making sure there were no security guards or goddamn mountain lions. It was deathly silent everywhere. You could only hear the occasional bird in the woods behind us.

As we picked our entry spot there were warnings all over the first floor of the ruins. It's weird in these situation i can never seem to understand english words of danger.

Inside the nest of the bastardo mountain lion coming up in part 2 .