The entire crew Piled into the WB van and headed to Lil Compton for the Annual Surf for the Cause Soiree

Open bar all night and open season for shooting . Insane amounts of lensmannys

Package gets grilled for ID at the ice cold soda barge

Alejandras , Staples and Ecuadors

All the clans united - Paulie Pedro representing Lil Compton , Bud Llamas hailing from the Newport tribe and Mr Controversialhimself from Jamestown

Willy woke up for the cause and threw an epic party

Man of supreme leisure - Mr Crazy Horse

Its rare i get to Compton so i had my costume all readys. El Haggis Vato and Mr Snow

Everyone in Lil Compton has way whiter shirts than in Newport. Must be the water !! Atticus stops for a quick pose while his hair grows at an alarming rate

During the giant lobster sit down - The Nodfather took three fresh naps. Its hard work being Nod Stewart............

More coming up from The Sherrif of Noddingham in Part 2 of "Straight into Compton"