Heading back East

Prey to the luggage gods that yer shite doesnt end up in the plane next to you

This poor sod didnt make the plane in time ........He almost had the jump too.......

This is another reason first class is up front - the lucky dozen can gloat and jeer at the late few left behind ........."Cheerio ya dozy bass" as i tuck into my champagne , hot towel and cheese n cracker plate

I think the glass in the first class section is cleaner too.........They must use low grade perspex in the back for the heathens

My heids in the clouds but my arse is on the comfiest leather seat in the sky............

"why yes another brandy sounds fantastic" "medium rare.. that would be great thank you"

As i soak in the last hours of rockstar living i think of all the places and great poeple i saw while on the road. Many thanks to everyone who made this mission an incredible time . Huge thanks to the Dog Family for the red carpet hospitality and flights.......Ive been in my plane seat 5 mins and i miss you all ....thanks again !!

Cheerio California see you soon