Out in the wilds ........

Ledge Road took a severe pulverising during Hurricane Sandy. This is always a good place to come witness the sheer power of a storm.

In other beatings - Rocket locked the brakes up on his ducati after seeing the blue guys in his mirror thus ejecting him from his motorcycle at great speeds. Luckily all he got was a pink cast for his giant broken mitten.

Stoned age

Court and Rocket on the light side of the moon

Afterwards we headed into the Bamboo Forest

Inside the tunnels of Cu Chi

"This is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules. " -Walter Sobchak

The Bamboo is so thick it blocks out the sun.

After dicking around in Vietnam all morning , I stopped by Maru's new house. The young whippersnapper was in the midst of getting his bowl cut.

Maru checks out his new doo while TK weedwacks the left side of his wig.


The jungles of Rhode Island.............