New York City slowly opens its eyes after the perfect storm knocked the stuffing out of it.

Sandy showed the city some mercy and the sun came out for a few hours on this day. With the clouds opening up it brought out the people and the city started to stir again. The days are a blur and i've been keeping track of time by remembering the different levels of violence in the weather.

All the bridges were still closed and the traffic on either side of Manhattan looked intolerable. Everyone wanted to escape a city under seige

For days nothing opened up. Corner kiosks remained shut. No signs of power coming back on for perhaps a week. Wall street was closed for 2 days in a row. Mother Nature had crippled millions of people in a matter of hours.

This blew my mind. I saw this man filling up dozens of water bottles from a fire hydrent he'd wrenched open. He was the first person i'd see do this but the further south i ventured i saw huge lines of 20 to 30 people in a row waiting for the water pouring out into the gutter. All races of people standing in line , holding pots and pans , teapots and buckets. By the end of the day it became completely normal to see this scene at every street corner. It did not feel like we were in America anymore.

All the bridges are still closed . I havnt been able to reach any of my chums living across the river in Brooklyn. I hope they are ok.

In the Lower East Side these lads had constructed a makeshift fire pit grill on the street and were about to cook up some grub. It was incredible to see the generosity from everyone. I saw so many acts of kindness during the first few days after the storm hit. After day 6 of no power and when the gasoline started to run out it was a different story but more on that coming up in a wee bit.

The cars on the street that hadn't floated away were flooded inside . You could see the high water marks inside the interiors of so many vehicles left all over the lower half of the city

With the entire city in utter chaos , Chinatown was visibly the quickest to bounce back from the devastating hurricane. In mere hours of the winds and rains , Chinese shop keepers had set up mobile food command centers on the sidewalks. Business as usual down in Chinese town. These lads are quick. General Tso would be proud as hell .

After being cooped up in various dark apartments for days it was time to let the dogs out . Every canine in the city went berzerkers. It was like "release the hounds" . Dogs rule and it was hilarious watching them all meet/fight/hump/chase/fart and race around at top speeds into each other. You could literally see them smiling .

My son Senor Higgins aka Higgy Marley got rather horny from being held hostage for days during the storm and got his "aggresive spoon" on with some of his new pals. Never gets old watching his spindly wee legs thrusting as he tip toed into his "push push" moves

Speaking of which - my spindly getaway sticks are exhausted from all the hoofing around i've been doing and my feet are wet for the 4th day in a row. Im going back to the hoose for some zzzzzzzzzzz's