Welcome to Los Angeles

Within the first 5 minutes it was like watching the movie HEAT ...live

While the streets of LA sizzled , we checked into our new digs for the weekend.......Chateau Marmont is paradise. Before i could even reach 2 laps of the pool i'd been offered an array of martinis and drugs.This place is seriously mental. The plants and shrubs are so thick and impenetrable no paparazzis can get close . So anything goes back here........pure champion !!!!

Fit birds hiding in the jungles everywhere

I didnt get all Jappy tourist while in here. I had to keep my cools on. Place was teeming with celebs , rockers and amazon women. So i took shite photies of palm trees....sorry folks ...i didnt want to be chief buzzard in there.....at any moment i felt like i was going to get booted ..........

Chateau Bro's Claire and Jay Dog .........Masters in all worldly travels !!


I will say one thing - Patti Smith had the most epic rock hair and cowboy boot setups..........i mustered up a cheery HULLO to the old hen !!


Born Free tomorrow - Get ready !!