If you think the Scottish alarm clock is early ...the Mexican one is way more prompt and ruthless

Brian the neighbor came over to play some accoustic thrash metal. No big deals.......

Went to Pasadena to get tattoos from Taylor. We almost got em too if it hadnt been for the fantasticly hungover Austrailian with us running out of the shop to puke all over the street downbelow.

No tats but grand stories. I got close to gettting one . I could smell the ink at least.

Much laterd that night we met up with different set of Aussie Ozbornes. Campball and Whalen are real high quality maniacs . Real good salts of the earth these lads. Total nutters too

Monster Childrens at top levels. Insane amounts of carnage inside the pub. Heaps of bummed out trendies that were inside the kill zone . It ruled . These guys used themselves as bowling balls in the club all night....People dropping like kingpins left and right

I forgot this fit birds name but i do remember something about Riverdance being her job. Perhaps . Who knows .

The place was teeming with chickens. They were literally crawling all over the furniture.

Eddie Man Whalen and fuckin Lee Dupont .

The Blackouts - Ako and Atiba with special guest El Manuto. The lads played a mindblowing array of bangers and anthems.

Smokey and John

The Cha Cha lounge is a Pans Labyrinth of super hens and rad bros . The ceiling alone is a total mind expander

Shotgun a beer and play song - Repeat this about 1000 times and you got these fine chaps . Jefferson's ruling in the funzone

I wish i could remember what's playing right now.......Stokage overloads i do recall though.......Could be DMX ........

Spanky showed up and basically put on an oscar winning performance. He won in the "best dude ever" catagory

Rox , Ako and Abbie....... At this point in the noche the camera angles are mega low . In my mangling i'd slowly dripped into a puddle on the floor ........

At 11 for hours and hours .

Mental night - walked home - took ages and i think my Vans slip ons are still stuck to the Cha Cha's floor. Gallons of shotgunned Tecates had turned the club floor into glue. .........

Cheers everyone !!