Went to a pretty bananas cookout the other night. Bear Grills wouldve been stoked

A small man rotated for hours, roasting nicely via bicycle power

The rig the lads had set up was incredible............

Eric and Chris nailed the sacrafice and painted on the spices all afternoon

Williem added some Guatamalan flavors to the sheep that looked like a tiny man. The vegetarians that showed up were mortified.

Aside from being epic cannibals the crew build huge viking ships

This dog got a hard-on mid photo

Phil has the most epic mustache (Phil is the dog)

The Muslins in Providence sold the Aussie Ozbornes the whole sheep, head included. The dogs fought over the meaty skull but i didnt get pics cos i was so hungry after watching this thing rotate for 5 hrs........

Tasted bloody good ....big thanks to the Coronet posse for the good times