I swear i did move to Los Angeles ..........

Santa Monica mountains near Malibu

There was a giant forest fire in the mountains and me and Kill Phil are on a mission to see it .

Tri peaks rooftop . The ocean lies beyond

Somewhere over the edge of these mountains lies total devastation

As we reached the ridge . We could still feel the heat of the blaze. It looked like 100 napalm bombs went off in the valley and spread up each cliff face with the strong winds.

As we stood on the cliff the ground shimmered from the heats like a smouldering firepit.

We had reached Mordor

It was so eery and quiet. The entire forest was gone. Only charred skeletons of trees remained. The smell was the scariest part. Smell of danger .

As we picked our way through the bomb site it felt like we were ants walking through day old barbeque coals. This whole place was fucked.

Soon new plant life will grown here and in a few years the mountain side will be alive again. Hard to imagine !!

Out of Mount Doom and back to the shire.

Today was also the first time since i was probably five i took a shit in the woods. I dabbed with a cactus . The next 2000 steps i took that day were fantastic ones !!