Saturday noche in the Mission.

I got to hang with these awsomes. Josie of Beerspit fame and Schmitty of Thrasher Magazine fame. Always grand times seeing these two.

I managed to make Schmitty fall off the wagon after months of no beers. Not a bad run for the lad.

We went to visit Josie at a gallery open house and caught some performers in mid swing .

Epic double act. This lady nailed it while Oliver Twist waits for some more.

Then it got all fantastico real quick. This asian bird came out of nowhere and stripped from behind a hat that was almost bigger than her.

I tried to find the Chinese characters for ass, bum , bottom or thong and i honestly gave up. I got zero smarts in the mandarins

The chinese characters for g-string looked pretty awsome though.

Performancewise this was an 11.

The best art show i've been to in ages.

After you've seen naked mental orientals what to do then ? .....

Go hang with these hombres.......

Master forgers Al Partenan and Dan Drehobl drew us up some bouncer stamps for the sold out show we were trying to get into.

I gotta hand it to Al. His replica snoopy stamps came out aces. Complete with smudge effect and shading. They looked brilliant and we were certain it would nail the audish if it hadnt been for the doorman who walked right up to our arts n crafts session and stated "THATS NOT GONNA WORK GUYS"...........What a bastardo. Couldnt even let us in for sheer brownie points alone. We couldnt even crack a smile outta this suasage necked fucko either. Worst door crew man!!

With moral and stamina at all time highs still we went down the street to the pub. I love how popcorn is stuck to Al's arms.....

The banter tonight was hilarious . Tons of good cracks

Outside the streets were filled with total jackasses.

What a wacky night filled with Chinese bums and horsefaces......I dont have any idea whats normal anymore.

Going home to have nightmares !! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cheerio.