Day 2 shooting for Puma

Today were in downtown Los Angeles for the X Games. There are two words i love / hate that have become perfectly ok to use daily for the past 10 years. The word EXTREME and the word RETREAT. I hate em both but love when people say them. The word extreme is only used by shitheads and sports commentators. So its not even worth dissecting it up. The word EXTREME basically is the rollerblading adjective of the english language. I think only white people use this word too. Explains a lot !!! Were idiots .

My other favorite shitty word is relativly new in circulation. The word RETREAT - which means to withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat. Since when the fuck did RETREAT have anything to do with going on a yoga vacation or a surf trip. "Im going on a yoga retreat" - Oh you mean your going on a trip to hang and do yoga. I get it . Its amazing . Ive never heard of anyone going on a golfing retreat yet, but im sure they exsist . Some wouldnt even make sense. "im going on a rugby retreat with some of the lads"or "hey honey , me and me mates are going on a skateboarding retreat. I'll be back next tuesday" .

Ive literally heard people say there going on a surfing retreat. It blows my mind. I love it . I think the logic is to make it not sound like a vacation. Like its work or school but ultimately make it muuuuuch more important sounding than a regular ol trip . That would be way too dull to say.

Today i went on an EXTREME SKATEBOARDING RETREAT with half of Southern California.............. and it was excellent !!

The X Games is like being trapped inside a monster energy can filled to the brim with dipshits , personal trainers and hyperactive 6 years olds.

Everyone was waiting for Bob Burnquist to parachute onto the ramp from outer space.

Puma's top manny - Bucky Lasek is competing today in the Vertical finals.

Its 110 degrees inside my giant Monster energy submersible right now. I cant breathe. All the kids are breathing too fast. Sucking all the air away. Wee buggers.

Heres some sideline ramp pics

Buckys first run - He came out swinging. Running of the bulls right off the bat. He killed it.

I think the red glare laser on my 35mm film is a night vision beam from Bob Burnquists helicopter as he attempts to railslide the ramp with his rotor blades. The crowd have been waiting all day for the helicopters and seal team 6 to arrive.

There was zero food to eat at this retreat and me and Nick were about to murder people in the bleachers. We ate wasabi peas all day. What cruel bastard brings wasabi peas to an asphault parking lot in the middle of august ? I have a Loch Ness Tape Worm inside me that requires food every hour. I think Nick's acts up every 15 minutes. We tried to call No Problemo Taqueria in New Bedford but they couldn't deliver 3000 miles to the lads. 1000s of wasabi peas in the heat rule by the way !!!

Huge support for Bucky in the crowd.

Gold medal win for Lasek and Puma. Congrats all around. Solid day in the ring !!!

MEGA is another word thats real close to making it onto the list. Like what the fuck is a MEGA bridge??? The other night I watched a documentary on a MEGA Dam in China. It put me to sleep 5 times.

............ and the MEGA shark just makes me sick !!!!