It was Calcutta times again at WB this past weekend . Round two of the giant flea market and vintage shit storm

Midgie Kravitz

Package scored a killer pterodactyl egg

Sean sold tons of stuff for free

Eddie Hippy Life

Krimson and Elin's Canal street deals

Tommy brought a Ram to the yard sale but there were no takers......but there were heaps of Scottish sheep shagging jokes !!

4th beach going off ..........

Bootsy Package and world famous Leah Lopez

Outside my house

New mental oriental in town

Laterd on that night Casey Weibust aka Wombatina had an amazing solo art show. Great prints and home made broomsticks

Hosted by Tara at Gypset Gallery. Congrats Casey....You nailed it !!

Flea Markets - An incredibly slow way to get rid of all your shite .......but fun as hell !!