More adventures in the coffee capital.........

Seattle's five points - murderers alley

I love weird back streets and nooks n crannys. My poking around paid off - stumbled upon some Nihilist's in mid photoshoot.

"Yah it looks good Magnuus !! Zee next shot get eet reicht....or i cut off your jhonnson !! Yahvol ? "

Annie got a new painting and its amazing..........

Heres the part of the tour where i was taken to another fantastically bonkers tourist hot spot-

May i present to you :

Tha Fremont Bridge Troll

This thing is mental. He's been lurkin underneath the Fremont Bridge since 1990 , keeping a hubcap eye on things . He's bloody massive . Originally the VW beetle had a time capsule inside it filled with Elvis memorabilia but vandals destroyed the car and jacked all the "kings" gear

The community pays tribute to the troll every October 31st with a mobile "Trollaween" party, starting under the bridge and wandering to other funky art sites and events in Fremont.

The troll achieved more notoriety in 1998 when a man shot a bus driver and ran the bus off the Aurora bridge, crashing on top of an apartment building. The building is adjacent to the troll, and was reported to get as much attention -- for a while you could still see evidence of the impact.

This is all good shite !!

Trolling for chicks...........


Fremont is also home to the Largest Lenin statue in the US.............."Sleepless in Seattle" - now i know why! Theres too much bananas stuff to check out here......