Checked out some rock n roll in Hollywood the other night

The Crystelles opened first. I believe its a mother / daughter band.

Bring your daughter to the slaughter time.

Stand up drums were a trip.

They were bizarre enough im a fan

Black magic womens

This is Jeff formerly of the Brian Jonestown Masscre. His new band Peace rocked . Jeff works at this epic bookstore in Echo Park where they make a mean oatmeal. Its my breakfast hotspot

60s rock n roll

Space jams and desert biker tunes


Oh i forgot to mention they played at a strip club. Its rockin roundies monday!!

Gigs here are a odd couple. Its a perfectly insane mixture of Russian mobsters , strippers , rockers , runaways , cholos , fit birds , hipsters , bros , and assholes on the scam oh and did i mention strippers ? Taking photos wasnt the easiest task. I didnt want the Soviet Red Heat lounging in all the dark corners to tie me up and throw me in the dumpster out back. Hence the minimal naked shite in this series. next time i'll be more bravos.

After tons of equipment and stroppy humpty dumptys , Bestial Mouths took the centre stage

They were not my cup of tea but the drummer reminded me of the little half starved to death indian kid from Indiana Jones. The one from Temple of Doom that stumbles down to the village and collapses into Indy's arms...anyways these guys were mierda

All the bestial to you guys !! keep it up ..........

Skated home like the Scottish Stevie Wonder and had the best street skate session ive had in years..........