January milling around randoms..........


Jason Jessee's "Black Tibetan" is in the window of Tri Co on Hollywood Blvd.

London Bridges is the Lone Survivor. So good to see this manny healthy and well after his bicycle meets SUV collision. Very lucky laddie right here !!

Good luck Neil and Helen in New York city . i'll miss you guys !!

Ricky on my newest machine to hit the streets - This bicycle i call Brown Lightening and shes aces !!

Frosted Lucky Charms with Spoety.

Russians with spraycans and limited english were going off in the back alley today

Epic visit at work from Matt Fargas ....... Newport and OWB in the hoose !!

Happy birthday Camille.

Brokeback Mountain mannys Manute and Courtland .............

Bowling is my new gig and the shoes rule too !!