The Annual Curl up and Dye Art Auction to raise moneys for Cancer...........

Physical therapist and nutritionist Cooper gave a phenominal demonstration on clean living and how to get the most out of your body.

Razee's John Kaito , Half of Weibusts skull and Mini Wombat

Warpaint experts Jessica and Marissa

Portugese men of hair - All the Way Jay and Tooth

Quote of the day - "I still cant believe a have a kid" .........Sick antics from the Curl up and Dye parking lot

Sheffield Wednesday , Kara and The Grooper

Sarah Whodini and Mini Wombat

Chelsea gets wrangled by One Flew over the Coopers Nest

Its 3pm. Birds gone wild.

Log Legs holding it down

The Driver circles the wagons - Kara and LT

Rocketboy in full party face mode shredding with the infamous White sisters

Seamus Southern picks up after Blooper , whos partying wheels had shifted into higher gears.

Cooper put on a fantastic one man demo. Total grammy performance but his pilot show got yanked before it got off the ground. Curl up and Jill wrangles the suspenderd tsunami into submission. I love Coopers "but i didnt do anything" pose . Today was Land of 1000 laughs

Naturists - Tooth and Mortal Wombat get awsome in the Quaker Garden of Evil

Pray for acid rain

Natur - The future of old metal

Part 2 coming in a jiffy...........