Saturday night in Laguna Beach ................

We met up with Boston who was 5 hrs ahead of everyone else in town. He was in top notch modes , 4 wheel drive and all cylinders firing. Take off was hours ago with no landing anywhere in sight. When we arrived at the first bar he'd already performed the tablecloth pull routine. Glass everywhere and tablecloth scarfs for everyone !!!! This laddie is aces !!!!

All it took was eye contact for a milli second and you got a oscar winning lap dance even if you were a total stranger. This random bird loved her dance until the chair broke........... One other lucky bird almost went through the front window of the place. That wouldve been his second broken window at the joint ..........

No one was safe. 1000 yard stare with high kicks and karate chops all night. The Boston Strangler lives !!!!!!

The band of old geezers tore it up............ I couldnt really tell if they were hyped on our antics .

The Boston hard tea party terrorized the entire room.

The Wallace sisters ripped his clothes to smithereens. His Mick Jagger strutting and David Lee Roth jumps all night sent the hens into a frenzy.

Part of his brains were still inside the bar doing high kicks and the other half were asleep in his bed while his outfit got massacred in the streets........... Endless laughs !!

Im a huge fan of this place ..............

Andrew's mums flowers at 3am