Live in Los Angeles all the way from Tel Aviv Israel - Monotonix

Marshall slaughter

These guys tie all the guitar and mic cords to secure shit because the shows are so mental. I'd been told stories about these guys but never witnessed the carnage firsthand. I'd heard they were banned from all venues in Israel for being too awsome.

As soon as the the first chord was struck the singer who looks like if Charles Manson played professional soccer , dove head first into the frothing crowd. He didnt return to the stage until the last song


Human centipede from the middle east

Acutally the band didnt use the stage the whole night. The drummer was engulfed by the mob of people in the pit. Completely surrounded by the audience who were instantly worked into a frenzy

Solitary headbanger on a lonely stage

Then shite jumped off. The crowd lifted up the singer the drummer and his kit into the ceiling and the show went into orbit. It was total anarchy

The place was exploding . Bouncers were palming people in the throat and necks to chill out but nothing could stop the Israelites from the shreds

The show moved around the venue floor occasionally poking holes into the drop ceiling . It was pure bananas and super rad. At one point all band members were at 3 different parts of the club. Garbage cans and beer flew through the air non stop.

Since the drum carpet was completely useless on the floor it was hoisted up and the singer rode around the crowd like a caveman version of Aladdin. He kinda looked like a bigger version of the old guy sitting in the hole in Monty Python's Holy Grail. The one geezer who hadnt spoke in 18 years .

The Rug was fantastic.

I gotta say im a fan of these maniacs. Concertwise it was an 11.

Go see Monotonix quick before they break themselves...........