No animals were harmed in the making of this post. I still have the feeling i may lose a few hundred viewers after this one .......... here goes anyways !!

I'd like to introduce - Bobby Khat. Its his first appearance on the site. He's one of the funniest cats i've been around. Endless laughs with this guy.

Luke found Bobby hitchhiking somewhere in Conneticut and brought him back to RI.

Bobbys a riot . Total life of the party. He hit it off with Rocket instantly .

"Hey Bobby , Tell everyone about that time we made homemade tequila and we got our stomachs pumped and you stole my chick"

Luke and Bobby are pals for life !!

Bobby's "inside-out" party trick brought the house down. He looked like a mumified jaguar sock.

Bobby drinks gin and milks all night . He's hardcore.

I gotta run . I think i hear PETA knocking on my door .............