Adventures on Block Island continue..........

This beach was untouched and total paradisos

I feel my local beach in newport must have been featured in the 2011 Wallmart catalogue , because all summer "Rejects" beach has exploded. Its become a total circus. I could rant on this topic for a while but im going to save it for an upcoming story in full glorious detail . Stay tuned

Name that Hendrix song and win nothing .............

The Cliff Burtons. I honestly have no idea how the beach is like this but man its cool.

Ecuadors - total cliff hanger

The only peoples we saw were these two wee lord of the flies

It was about this time my camera collected so much sand in its mechanical face it decided to blow up

These are the last photos before the death camera sandwich. This is not a cool app. These colors represent an eminent breakdown

My new shire on Block Island

Storms rolling in off the ocean.

This photo reminds me of the movie E.T when Elliot first discovers theres an alien in his backyard. Bloody Speilberg is all over this island........

Block Island ruled. Huge thanks to Leppy and Lisa at the Hygeia House for epic digs , thanks to Naomi for the tour and the huge dinner and to the Ferry boat captain who made half the boat puke their guts out ...........oh and mega thanks to the fine white sand that obliterated my camera..........

Back to Africa !!!