Back in the city for the Brooklyn Invitational.........

Getting my war machine fix before the show

Maritime Hotel

I love the doors of New York. I'd be hyped to have artists go to town on my front door everyweek. Knowing my luck i'd get the swasi or the giant dicktits on my door.

Heading through the streets of Schwilliamsburg. There are no old people here. It's a city of 18 - 40 year olds. Soon i wont be able to come here. I got a couple more years in me with the young trendies !!

1000s of machines lined the streets surrounding the Invitational. Exhausts echoed through the buildings. Its a great sound !!

Minutes before arriving at the show i had decided to order probably my 9th coffee of my entire life. Bad moves all around !! It kicked in perfectly as i turned the corner into motorcycle heavens. Full overloads. My brain and my body separated like a spaceship after hitting orbit. I could feel my eyeballs detatching from their sockets. I tip toed around the bikes while inside my head it felt like i was running from the cops. English became a second language for me for at least the first 1hr of the show. It was murder !! But probably looked awsome .........

I wandered around outside , willing my coffee high to go away. Slowly the war drum of a heart beat left my feet , my eyes both aligned up and i didnt feel like a Scottish chameleon on crack.

Ken shows me and Jay Dog his urban camping spot the night before. He was luckier than Wee Ricky and Slaughterbuckets. When they slept out in the forests of New York City they were nibbled by rats all night.

Inside it was the Palace of Versailles of Choppers

Jay Dog is one proud motherscratcher. Max Schaaf nailed it right on the head with this one . Upon seeing the newest 4Q creation all remains of the coffee left my body through one door.

More shite coming in part 2 ..........