After the Big World encores The Pitt turned into Heavy Metal Karaoke

Tooth did a perfect Livin after Midnight lounge act complete with glass of pino grigio........

Cooper sings the blues on this weeks installment of Newport's got Talent. He sang a beautiful version of the classic - " Bitch get ready Im a drop my anchor "

Theres no hook on a stick to pull acts off stage here. Only diving helmets

Diver Down

Red wine , amps , surfboards that weigh as much as a motorcycle , vintage wheelchairs from The Shining movie and Sir Iggy Talls - The last Duke of Attleboro ...............Cheers !!

Sons and Fathers - Murder for Hire and Benny Dead . The gatekeepers of the Fifth Ward

From beyond the wall - Iggy and son Austin. High quality chaps right here.


Dr Z , Jenna and Johnny Morocco. See that african cow hide on the wall? Years ago at a Waterbrother party i blacked out first and while gently dozing on the floor the lads took the cow hide and quietly tacked it over me, nailing it into the carpet. Like a modern Gullivers Travels. I remember waking up in the middle of the night sweating my brains out and my tongue had turned to black pepper granules. In my condition as i came too i couldnt quite figure out why i was the temperature of an indian sweat lodge. As i woke more i was unable to move. Completely pinned under the cow hide which was tight as a drum. Panic sent in . My brains were dazed and fragile and it was dark. It was a million degrees under my cow skin prison. As i wriggled more and more i managed in one last hurrah to break free. Ripping part of the hide from the dozens of nails holding it into the carpet. You can still see the tear in this photo. That was over 15 years ago . Ive never slept on a animal hide again or passed out first at a Waterbrother party.

Seasick Mama

I love the concert tradition part of thanksgiving .................... More solos were killed in The Pitt tonight than all the turkeys in America

I'd like to thank the Abruzzi's for having us all over. Long live The Pitt !!!