The best thanksgivings involve tons of plates of marshall amps and sides of full volumes with extra fuck yeahs !! .............

While the rest of America sat back overstuffed with food in their easy boy recliners and channel flicked shitey tv , there was a gathering in one of the last free strongholds in the country. In the basement of the most unasuming picturesque home on a quaint New England street , there lies a room that for the last 60 years has seen more action than CBGBs , The Troubadour and The Warfield combined. This place is known as The Pitt. For the select individuals that have witnessed this 8th wonder of the ancient world , The Pitt is absolutely mindblowing. Its a fully functioning museum of Surf Skate and Rock history. A place where you can stage dive among vintage surfboards , beavis and butthead dolls , hoards of instraments and stacks of never been seen super 8 reels of rock bands from the 70s , every corner of this cavernous rock dungeon is filled with piles of skateboards rode by the worlds top boys from Tony Alva , Jason Jessee , Jay Adams to Tony Hawk. The head curator and frontman of this underground punk alamo is Sid Abruzzi also known as The Package. In his early 60s now , this laddie is the epitamy of "100 percenters ". Sid is a walking legend , like a modern day Sundance Kid. He looks like Alice Cooper and Geronimo with the clout of Johnny Cash. With all those ingredients it has created an Italian Godzilla of man who is the real mccoy in every sense of the term.

The very first time i met this modern savage was in 1996 and my first visit into his Pitt lair. I remembered feeling like i'd walked onto the set of Apocylpse Now. I had never seen any place like this in my brief Scottish life. It was like being tranported back into 1969 as Black Oak Arkansas 8 tracks played in the corner of the room. It was hard for the eyes to adjust to the dimly lit catacomb. The room was packed with hundreds of surfers skaters and rock n rollers from all over town. Everyone had long hair. I'd never seen so many guys with long hair in real life before. Felt like i was on tour with Sabbath , MC5 and Deep Purple. This is where i met Sid. He had just returned from surfing South Africas Jeffreys Bay and handed me a fistful of Ostrich jerkey as he unpacked his luggage in the middle of the party. I watched the most unusual looking man i'd ever seen rip open piles of carboard boxes and pull out wart hog skulls, antelope heads, massive african cow hides and hippo tails. All this happened while 70 people headbanged to Ted Nugent on 8 track. I was gobsmacked as i chewed on my Ostrich meat. I remembered staring at his shoes. He had on the most amazing safari boots on. I asked and he explained an African dude on the beach reached into the trash pulled out a piece of newspaper and traced the shape of Sid's feet and said he'd be back in a few days. A couple of days later the African cobbler shows up with the most perfect fitting hand stitched bright leather jungle boots.

For some reason i'll never forget that simple wee moment.

That night changed my life and is the reason 20 years later i live in America.............Trading African tales for Scottish whiskey and shortbread while listening to Iggy Pop.


I live in Los Angeles now and recently returned to The Pitt and i got the same feeling i had 20 years ago as i walked up the driveway to the house. I could hear music muffled through the stone foundation of the house as I opened the heavy door to The Pitt and astro projected back into 1979..................

Sid aka Johnny Morocco belts out the Big World anthems.

The 4 outlaws on stage performed a perfect bomb run on the small town that night. Only guitarist Victor world was missing but the band nailed the hits at full volumes as the crowd perfectly chimed the choruses. It was so bloody heavy. Goosebumps are the tequila worms of rock n roll. Its the fool proof indicator that this shit is 100%

Jimmy Silk vaporised the riffs

Chris Mess is back and here to stay.

Iggy Talls thunders down highway 66 at break neck speeds

Big World used to open up for Johnny Thunders , Oingo Boingo and Iggy Pop many years ago..........

"Yo brother , brother you guys gettin yer little noodle wet yet? " - The silkman to me and Weibust when we were Demassek.

Tonight was off the charts. The Pitt was at 11 and Big World had red lined on the speedometer. Pure rock n roll

As the band exploded through the set - Captain Mike gets a lap dance while sitting in a wheelchair donated by the local Convent. He is pumped but i think i was way more pumped on this moment !!

Part 2 coming up..............