Wake up and shout............

Me and Nicko sleep standing up. He happens to make everything look way cooler than me with his epic cow jumped over the moon bag.

Coolest wee beenie man .

Malibu's most wanted......... Early morning down at the beach...........Today was an interesting day. See that geezer taking a photo? More on that chap in a second.

Got to the ocean with the whole gang and i forgot my swimshorts.

Aye yup........ Those are my dinosaur underwears im body surfing in. Already off to a grand ol start today. I came out of the water and my skivvies were literally around the back of my knees. Not a good look in front of half of southern california who were all surfing and this one guy taking photos who happened to be David Beckham. J Dogs celebrity radar is always off the charts and today he hit a bingo. Pretty epic scenarios . Coming out of the ocean grabbing my skiddy briefs that had sagged down to my calves while a whole beach of onlookers and Beckham all hung out . As i gathered up my undies i tried my best not to look like a homeless man who just took a shit in the ocean. I opted not to say hello and introduce myself . Was way too self conscious in my triceratops boxers so i opted instead to follow him all the way up to the parking lot , like a bum chasing a dollar bill through Times Square.

I'd make a shite paparazzi. Heres Beckham destroying his million dollar feet on the pebbles while getting reamed out on the phone from Posh Spice. I actually wanted to ask him about motorcycles but my whole semi naked bodysurfing ordeal at the beach earlier ruined all hopes of a confident hellos . I settled for enjoying hearing his bird batter him verbally through his phone.

This made me laugh.

This guys checkin for leaks on his roof

Bomber outside Tri - Co

In different underpants and shorts i checked out this bike..............

Relax Harder in the city of cities

One man and his sidekick watch the sun go down over Los Angeles