Soon to be over tranquil times in Manhattan.........

Central park was completely still all day. Not even a tiny breath of wind. I think all the animals knew some heavy shite was coming this way.

Dicks n saggy balls , huge swords , severed heads. Man im really trying to cover all the bases with this crummy website. I feel this photo has something for everyone. Sorry to those out there that love giant fake tits. I'm workin on it .

Last photo shoots before the world ends.

I hung around hoping to get the photo of Princess Leia picking up Yodas shit but it never came.

Saw these guys filming a documentary about 2 headed brown trouts living in Central Park

" I'm not Chinese "

I got big hopes for this movie. Even though Russell Crowe is a complete turkey vulture.

Times square was deserted.

Naked Cowboy aint afraid of no cyclone.

I think this guy washed up from a different tropical storm

These colors dont run but they may lose electricity. Hold on to your hats everyone !!