Went down for a quick visit to New York City ..........

Unknown to me , Godzilla's cousin Sandy was also coming to Manhattan .

Laugh and wave now (no pun intended) . In a few days its about to get actual size in Manhattan. Whole cars are gonna be surfin down Wall Street

Business as usual in Lower Manhattan. I like the outfit on the far left the best.

Chameleon Scooter

People are going to fight over this sand bag in a matter of hours.

Had an epic run-in with Ginch on Lafayette. He was filming the mural painters working on the building behind. A photo every minute for 4 days . Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzclickzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzclickzzzzzzzzzzzzzclick . Rad to see Ginch. It had been years.

Pat buckley showed up and handed me the newest issue of Baller's Eve. Its good

There was a very ominous feeling in New York. It wasnt like that feeling of "ooh it feels like its going to snow" . It had a much more evil and sinister vibe to it. It was about this time i almost got a good old fashioned battering by 3 arseholes in broad daylight as people walked by eating their bagels and sipping on their lattes. Typical scenario. 3 against 1 . killer odds. Always in my favor as usual . It went something like this - "Yo motherfucker you following me ? " - " No i'm from Scotland i dont know anyone here " i replied (this usually works in most other countries) In the next few seconds im surrounded by 3 very angry looking tanned fellows in head to toe athletic gear and lots of scarfs. This angered the leader of this shitty gang " Yo i says are you following me you stupid motherfucker? ". As i pondered my next line i slowly covered my balls with one hand (its an ancient tradition in Scotland when getting approached by hostile strangers) Protect the crown jewels as you go down in a blaze of glory. Before i could speak the tallest less frowning athlete piped in "Yo you from Scotland? You Glasgow Rangers? Them motherfuckers is wild as fuck" . I was semi stunned at his response and stammered out a "Ummm nah . Im from Edinburgh i support Heart of Midlothian" . I dont even know why i said that. I mean , it is the team of my neighborhood. If i was remotely into football i'd be a Hearts fan . But im in the middle of New York City and the way things were going with my new freinds this might've tipped the scales. For a few seconds i thought i'd be sitting through hurricane Sandy with 2 black eyes but alas it seemed to break the ice . "Oh i knowd those guys. Yeah yeah Hearts man ".

As i chirped about Scottish soccer with these maniacs using all my jokes and one liners it was looking pretty good. Then the leader of the pack who happened to have the angriest face of the crew leaned in real close , inches from my face and growled "You know what i take seriously motherfucker?" . I figured this was a good as any moment to brace for impact as he finished his moving statement ........

"MY WEED" he barked in my face . Huge belly laughs all around as me and my new asshole friends shook hands and pounded fists. We parted ways. I continued on by myself to go follow motherfuckers and my new jerk pals swaggered off to go beat up some other poor sod who'll have less cool answers than me .

I wandered around the rest of the day taking photos in a much sweatier shirt. I cant believe Scottish football saved me an ass whooping. It was the one thing that got me beat up all my teenage years.