LA has been in cruise control at just under a 100 degrees for a while now

Hiding under any kind of jungle i can find...........

Some old hen makes a call in Highland Park. This area has epic store fronts

Assisting Steve Lee at his gallery today. Check out the Slow Culture illustration show hanging up right now. Steve and his crew have a killer space on Figueroa. Show support !!

Rodriguez's grandson is late for a gig.

Water vapor machines are like finding money in the streets.

The peyote factory

Took off to the forest for some shade and mountain air - Escape from LA

The posse today - Illiana , Mando the main Mando and the Mexican Bear Grylls - Man vs Tacos

The land out here is incredible. I love it .

Awsome crew. Im the only pale face in our tribe.

After the hike , Mando showed us this gem in his neighborhood. Its Marty Mcflys house from Back To The Future. This pretty much made my day. Huge fan outs on this poor buggers lawn.

Last part of the day at Malibu for the 3 generations of beach bum..........

Above is the lowest stage of bum. The outdoorsman , the hobo . This beach bum gets extra shit points for wearing a fedora too.

Next up is the party bum. Let the good times roll. Live free or die !!

Lastly we have the oscar winning beach bum. This shiney oiled up bum makes money.

Photo of the day. Even the bums in LA do yoga.