I dont even know how many days trekking we have done at this point . Its been over 2 weeks each day getting harder than the last . Every 100 feet we climb our brains are pressurized in our skulls. I was feeling relatavely ok. Even though it was hard going . Imagine you taking the biggest deepest breath of air you can and only your lungs getting about 53% of air . Its awful . And the human body compensates by breathing faster and using up way more engery . Its lose lose . Just have to keep drinking gallons of water and going very slow and steady

A happy wild pony

Sherpa express ~ Toilet paper and instant noodles and other supplies for the remaining bleak outposts on the trail.

Yaks carrying ropes and oxygen systems to expeditions about to attempt to summit Everest

Nature does not want man up here one bit .

Only the yaks seem comfy

Over the last few days Valentine got progressivly worse and weaker. His altitude sickness was crippling his every movement. Blinding migranes , vomiting and inability to push on . We had to make tough decisions. It was heartbreaking for him to stop. This invisible thing stopping him from going further . We decided he would wait at the last outpost . A very barren awful outpost that looked like something out of a mad max movie. This was maybe around 16800 feet. He stayed behind i went on alone

Going on alone was incredibly hard . Its so desolate up here and lonely . I followed the few sherpas i saw and spoke to no one for hours and hours

Weather battered me constantly. Weird feeling being in below zero temperatures but if the sun touched your skin it would literally burn you in minutes

Passed the last few signs of human life .

My first glimpse of Mount Everest . After weeks and weeks of trekking there she is ........... Over 29000 feet tall. It has taken every ounce of energy just to get to the base of this mountain . I burst into tears as i slowly trudged along the path

After a while the path turns into a glacier and finally i reached Everest basecamp at 17600 feet above sea level .

The camp itself is built on a constantly shifting glacier and incredibly dangerous . Avalaches all around from the surrounding peaks explode all day . I sat by myself and watched sherpas prepare climbing equipment and meals for climbers heading to summit .

Prayer flags litter the rocks

I asked a stranger if he could take a photo of me. I forgot to bring a Scottish flag so i stood next to the flag of the Honduras climbing team .

I stayed at basecamp for a while . I didnt talk to anyone. It was too much effort to even breathe. I barely took any photos. I just sat . I was exhausted and pretty emotional. Tears rolled down my face.

Avalaches thundered all around in the midday sun and i was too tired to be scared . The glacier cracked and sliced underneath us and i didnt care . I was just too tired .

I followed the path through the glacier towards Everest but i knew i could go no further . My body felt ok. I had no signs of altitude sickness but i couldnt go on alone . Beyond basecamp is the Khumbu Ice Field. a trecherous labyrinth of bottomless ravines and crevases that you have to cross with ladders and professional guides. This is where my journey ends. I watched as teams went on and above the glacier and wondered if i could summit this mountain . I truely think one day its possible for me . This mission was a life changing test to see what was possible ....... Id made it to 18000 feet carrying my entire gear and food and water supplies. I felt very proud to be from Edinburgh Scotland today . More than ever !!!

I will return here one day i know it