Today is the baptism of my hermano Orlando the Main Mando's son.

I put on my protective suit just incase i went up in a poof of smoke . It's not often im in churches. I always get nervous the staff can tell im not in the gang.

Orlando Main Mando and Jonathon Gomez. Senor Blanco Pantalonez

Maru sat next to me and got his drink on the whole time.

The Padre

The Priest reminded me of the head Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I wanted to check his palm to see if he had the Staff of Rah imprinted on it .

Amish ceremonies with Major Tom

Machete dont smile

This is my "I'am smiling" in church face. Forgive me father for i'm totally Scottish !!

This young cherub has seen it all before.

Congrats to Orlando and Veronica Gomez.

I thought there was going to be way more pistolas at this Guatamalan baptism . I'm ready for the rodeo ...........