VIP is not for me - Within 5 minutes i'd already broken all the rules set by the house. Its too much responsiblilty.

Rockets nostril flare party face !! Priceless posing !!

Rocket , Colby and Madison

Katie and Olivia - Sisters from the same mister

Catwalk - ZZ top style

Morgan and Ali

Outside in the streets with Mary Jane i got the 1000 yard stare going. I have champagne face and awsome pelican neck !!

I somehow made it to another town later that night to find Nikki in a full banana suit and Jess shredding it ups !!

Huge thank yous to Chris at the Studio 3 for the VIP status all night and to my friendos for the tremendous times and laughs

Happy New Year to all the familias across the lands OWB TFL MEAKLE ST and the BONJORNO MANS nationwide

See you in 2011 -