Wake up calls from my favorite girl in California

Sensi Dog. Usually when i stay at the DoggPound, Sensi has the neck trumpet on , stitches or a broken ear. But this trip she's as fit as a fiddle and lookin perfectos. She's an old lady now.

The school of finer street arts and higher gangster have the best bus in town

Downtown back alleys. When i shot this photo a small sensor on the side of the building shot out a poof of weird spray. It was a small motion sensor alarm box that shot out some kind of mystery potion. I gotta say i was none to stoked about this one bit. With the amount of outdoorsmans in this city i half thought it might be soap. Either way - not hyped !! I'll prob grow an alien arm in a few days . Stay tuned for that one.

This North Beach backstreet was much safer.

Saw this unfortunate soul down the street. He literally looked like his head had been chopped off and then stuck back on. He had a massive laceration from some street battles. Poor chap . He was in a really bad way. The low cut blouse made perfect sense . A regular tee wouldve shredded this cat's head completely off.

Dont drop yer Chinese undies

Watched a movie being filmed in chinatown. I love movie sets. Everytime i learn more and more. My thought process is , if i hover around long enough asking questions maybe i'll get a job or a bit part. One day man one day.

This is the water truck that sprays the streets to look all dramatic. After the truck passes its action time . I watched an actor run across the road being chased by a cop car. They had smoke machines and water splashing everywhere. It was rad. Me and hundreds of Chinese people stared at the scene. It was the quietest ive ever seen so many Chinese people.

This is absolutely perfect. What a machine.

Mcqueen style rules

Gold Dubloons was out fishing for dollars

This fuckin guy was hilarious. This needed to be video. His ninja moves were priceless. High kicks in speedos for days. Totally off the Jackie Chains..........

Fishermans wharf

The skeleton that assualted Eggman years ago is still in business.

For the honor of Bologna Italy - Daniel dove into the chilly oceans. Italians are non stop antics. These guys will chat up any chick within 20 feet. It's magical to watch. They dont care. Endless rejections and laughs.........Italy rules man !!

Anytime your about to try something in California theres always a total weirdo or lurker nearby to offer his expertise and advice. This slippery fellow gave Daniel a whole grip of advice on how to tackle this ocean plunge. He introduced himself as "Grathhopper - look me up on faithbook guyths" . His voice was out of control as he pranced and danced around us . We were dying laughing as he told us the best methods for this swimming excercise.

After all his jabberings Grathhopper wussed so hard on diving in. He stared at the water like he was about to dive off a 90 foot cliff in Acapulco. We heckled him so much we gathered an audience. It was awsome . He skipped up and down the beach , stretching and moving like a big gay ostrich. What a wee lassie !! The best part was he had earplugs in and a thick swimming hat on so he couldn't hear us yelling all kinds of jeers at him to jump in. Eventually he tip toed in and we all cheered as if he'd just broke a world record. Grathhopper thuch a poothy !!

After at Guiseppes we hung with the crew from Naples. Here Don Cheeto the Bonjorno Man's cousin entertained us with stories while hitting on every woman that walked by. Yelling "MADONNA" and "STUPENDO" any time a fit bird walked by. Italians really know how to have a good time. Simple shite. Food and chicks. I can relate to that.

Doctor Doctor

Heading up the many hills back to my scratcher.....

Im ready for big zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's