Last few weeks have been a wee bit hectic. Heres a random mix tape of photos

Rain storms brewing over Newport

Not enough rains to stop this house fire.

Abdullah Package and his Sultans , Gomesey and Nod Stewart check the surf on camels now

This photo pretty much sums up the vibe. Machines spitting out my shite all over the floor . Totally standard operations !!

Slash and Sheena is a punk rocker are up from Florida. Waterbrother "South of the Border" Team

Phenominal tattoo vectors - Adam Mother Fuckin Landers !! The other arm should read SOBD - Son of Benny Dead !!

DJ Mirandom fresh in from Los Angeles.

Theres a new two wheeled frankenstein getting stitched together in the laboratory.

Artie lays down some supressing fire on the Red Lobster ......... Get ready for that machine to hit the streets.

More photos on that bastard child soon !!