Found an empty pool in Hollywood thats totally unusable in so many ways

I acutally found it the other night when i saw an outdoorsman standing at the deep end pissing into it......

(note - check out the hooker heel left poolside) Some porno bird went for a midnight cannonball

Took the bus to Santa Monica today.

This geezer was wrangling his mega lizard down the street while Rowdy Roddy Piper thunders up the pavement behind........ boom badda boom badda boom !!

This is not photoshopped. These idiots were really at the beach ...and whats more awsome is other idiots can pay to have there photos taken with em ......

The Keifer Sutherland cutout looked all beat up and raggedy . I guess these are a really good likeness afterall

I chose Martin Luther King day to come to the beach

I saw Mae's dad performing on the Pier. He was killing it .

Hes a one man band but needs an army of pals to plug in his rig. The miles of wires and adapters were actually more interesting than his Filipino rendition of Black Magic Woman.....acutally i lied ....he nailed it

I guess it is true - Black men do have huge snakes

I didnt like this guy one wee bit . Clowns are shitty

But....this hombre was absolutely on fire. Devon the dude meets Kool Keith. Crossymodo was sheer chilling drinking a 4Loco (which you can still get out here no problems)

Its always dicey taking photos of religious cats . They usually are the most volatile of all the outdoormans , but this manny seemed more preoccupied in balancing all his cross bedazzles on his nice mustard trousers

This bird was a dick. Right after i took this photo she got pretty surly. I was unarmed too. This asshole belly dancer had a bloody sword. I used a dollar instead and that shut her face up

Bret Michael's flip flops fell off while riding the Megatron 5000

Dont even ask !!! Yes they are real .......

Santa Monica

This circus is not leaving town ........

Mae - Number one ace tour guide. Maps to the skaters homes and rock n roll tours of Los Angeles available too

Photoshop CS5 rules

The bike scene has exploded in California. Its even affecting hairdoo's too

This is the part of the day where i got tricked , robbed and assualted by a monkey.

I was lured in and hypnotised out of a crowd by the soothing organ sounds and the magical waistcoat a tiny monkey was wearing . Its coat had jewels all over and reeked of far eastern promise and within seconds i was reaching into my shorts for a dollar. The hypnotic stare of the giant pumkin carnival man even made me kneel on his flying carpet. That was the key for the wee monkey to snatch my loot and stuff it into the pocket (yes it had pockets too) of his Alladins vest. If that transaction wasnt enough the monkey then proceded to grab my pointer finger and squeeze it hard as if to say "aha i got your money you foreign bastardo, now im gonna hurt you" . After a really long uncomfortable silence (i couldnt tell if the organ music was still playing at this point) but i shook free from the monkeys mind tricks and he released his grip from his retardedly small but powerful hands.

I hate you organ man and your little kid too (who looks like hes gonna puke on his old man's shoulder) .....Thats the most ive ever gone through for a dollar !! Mind tricks are a dangerous game . They even had me smiling the entire time ....These guys are pro's .......

Neck De Niro

I love it here. Not exactly this street corner this is just a random photo to fill in the space while i write these mundane jibber jabbers.....but i love LA