"Aaaaah Venice , Shitaly !"

Wandered around the craziest beach in America. Imagine Mad Max , Book of Eli , any of the Planet of the Ape movies mixed with Pans Labyrinth and Fear and Loathing and you pretty much got Venice beach in LA. Its like an indian reservation but for bums and outdoorsmans. No rules apply !!

Guys bombing up on anything that doesnt move here. Im amazed the homeless arnt covered in tags

Somewhere out there David Hasslehoff is drunk saving someone from drowning

Colors everywhere

Streets are alive with paint

It was early morning but the skatepark was in full tiltmodes. This place is fun . 6 year olds will have no problemos in showing you up here!! Everyone under 3 feet tall here rips

Curiousity is going to get the better of me one day. I pass this place eveytime im down here. Apparently for my $5 i can see real live oddities such as "a two headed turtle , a two headed snake , a two headed racoon the size of a skateboard (yup thats how that one was pitched to me) . i think everything born with two heads ends up inside this weird building in Venice. i thought the geezer luring people in was full of mierda but he showed me a two headed turtle to entice me . I gotta say i was impressed . He definately had a turtle thrashing around in a little tank with two heads ....... it was kinda distressing to watch cos it had no idea which way to swim.......

I'll have a full detailed report on this house of bizarro cos i know im going to fold and go visit ................. I got a nagging feeling its going to be total bollocks but stay tuned anyways !!

Goldie Blocks was out doing his routine

Rad car in the back streets

After feeling like i'd invaded the homeless's living room i left Venice and headed on up to Fairfax. Epic amounts of Linsday Lohan posters everywhere

Went to see the Olson's art show ...... I just loved writing that.

The boys had ramps in the show .Cant beat that . killer stuff lads !!

Went to the Rose bowl flea market . I was too busy haggling for world war 2 costumes and props to take photos so heres a snap of shoeland and boot avenue

Dj Mirandom and Lloyd Banks........

Lloyd is fantastically insane and really funny...........