Antonio Banderas

Mexicutioner on some hedge edge

Rocket and Cousin Lucy

In all the years i've known Dano he cant cook , not even boil an egg but me makes a mean taco out of all his wheels. "Circle A" Beef Taco

Pickled Sinbad rides again

All three of these cats are talking at the same time (as i look at this photo i can hear each of their voices) priceless times..............Mr B , Fuddy and Canadian Tim

Hillary Clinton and 100% birthday

Chrissy and Natasha

What a crew - Superfan , Bringer of Death and the Eggman

The lads rage while Superfan stares into the mysterious black hole my camera developed during the night. It was like a huge giant black thumb print all night . The OJ thumb application for my mierda cam

Mr GQ smooth just graduated today ...congrats Seneca!!

A lot happened this week. You can buy fireworks in stores in RI.........Rocket the sunburnt nazi youth sizes up witch ones from the selection will work best to fire out of his bum

I caught Superfan trying to ask the fireworks questions

2 of the drunkest piles i knew on friday night ..Bill Clinton and Playdough Head

Nick Dundee and the last know sighting of the golden trout ..........where is that thing ???

Jordino and his huge bronze arm , 100% Swede and OJ's thumb

Kiko marched in like he'd just played and won the world Cup. His Bud light suitcase was in tatters from many travels and flights that night.........total opposites of the French ...Man im so glad im not French right now ..hahahahah !! Suckas

Mexico brought a White Russian.........it was like the FIFA world Cup of Beers

Happy birthday Danager , Rocket and Eggman....thanks for the shredding party

I go now !!